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Available cheap land in the USA

Available cheap land in the USA

It’s 2017, and first-time homebuyers have it hard. Around the USA— and the world for that stuff — housing prices in desirable areas have risen steadily since the economic crisis of 2007-2008. For those seeming to settle down, it seems like every day that goes by is a missed chance in a market that appears to have no roof. In the 21st century, available cheap land in the USA is there yet such a thing as cheap land?

According to the USA Federal Housing Finance Agency, home prices in 2016 increased in 46 states and the District of Columbia. For those seeking to buy a first home, this news might not be so good.

If you’ve begun looking for properties, it’s convincing your realtor has repeated the mantra, “Location, location, location.” Ok – Good. As easy as that notes, those words won’t get down the price of your dream house in an area like Portland, Oregon — a country with a 2016 annual recognition of 11%. So, let’s approximate the situation with a different mantra Price, price, price.

  1. The Cheapest We Could Find

If you seem at a price alone, Marquette, Kansas has a proposal you can’t refuse. The land they are giving is so cheap; it’s free. From the town’s site, “The town of Marquette, Kansas is allowing free building lots to involved families who are looking for an amazing small town, in the heart of America, to call home.”

If you favor open spaces to buildings and people but still want a city, this might be the best spot for you. With a group of around 600 people and the base Kansas Motorcycle Museum, this could be a diamond in the cutting for the right family.

  1. The Cheap land Per Acre

In Gerlach, Nevada you can take the land as cheap as $157 per acre. With that kind of a cost tag, you know there has to be a game the first catch – to get that sort of rate you would have to consider buying in quantity.

For example, check out this farm lot in Gerlach, NV, which is claiming 38.1 acres for just shy of $6,000. Did I neglect to add that it’s on sale with over a 50% discount? The second number – it’s a wilderness with windswept plains and little trees. Its island, but that’s only about all it is. From the site, “If you like privacy, true-blue skies, and the silence of the outback, this section is for you.”

  1. Cheap land in a City

For those of you want to live in populated areas, there are discount opportunities in cities that are regarding the opposite of up-and-coming. Towns like Detroit and Flint have seized lots or extremely-motivated sellers that are ready to sell lots with homes for bargain prices available cheap land in the USA.

This careful two bed, one bath in Flint, Michigan, is trading for less than $3,000 and is open to other proposals. It’s excellent to note that a deal can be too big to be true when there is a potential for consequential liabilities such as ground contamination, plumbing issues, lead poisoning…etc.

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